by Chochkey

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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Chochkey California

Two chicks in a band. Mean girls. Squarshin ants. Sad rants. Underpants.

Twitter/Instagram: @chochkeybanana

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Track Name: Hoetry in Motion
Just found out you like stupid whores
Just found out you’re a stupid bore
Don’t wanna waste my time around you

Quit talkin’ that stupid shit
I know that some girls like it
But I don’t double dip
Oh yeah

Said you’d meet me after school
But you fell asleep like a stupid tool
I guess I’m not that cool to you


Everyone thinks you’re a real nice guy
But you’re a two faced SOB I ain’t gonna lie
You screwed me like you knew me but you don’t


I see you every once in awhile
I can see right through your fake ass smile
If you snooze you lose but you’re the one losing

Chorus x 2

Oh yeah
Track Name: Russian Boys
Hey there you russian boys
I know you’re in St. Petersburg
But all the other boys are stupid
And they’re really burnt
You know
I just want to be treated nicely
I just want to be bought an icee

I think that I have dreamt of you
A boy you like you that took me to
A place where I can cuddle you
A million times
Put me on a plane

Why are you
So far away
These other boys
They seem to stay but I wish they wouldn’t
Why do I feel so alone
And why are you so far from home

I want you here by my side
Russian boys don’t run and hide away
Just come and play

Why don’t i know how i deserve to be treated
I just want to pick your nose
And send me pictures of your toes

I know you’ve got some neck tattoos
But you ain’t got no body fooled

You’re just a couple of
Real nice russian guys
Can you come and make us
Some chinese food
Track Name: Hindsight Girlfriend
I’m a really good girlfriend in hindsight
Now your friends all like me
So you think that you might

Take me to a show
Then we’ll paint the city in the afterglow
Take me to the river
Try not to let me shiver
Give me your coat
Don’t be mad I just wanna see if it floats

Cause I’m a really good girlfriend in hindsight
I thought that it was funny
And I thought that you might
Cause I’m a really good girlfriend in hindsight
Now your friends all like me
So you think that you might

Watch you play your video games
Even though I thought it was really lame
Waited for your call
But you stupid mother fucker you dropped the ball
Don’t worry I got your text
I’m sure I left you a little perplexed
Go ahead and wait by your phone
But I’m not spending my night alone

Cause I’m a really good girlfriend in hindsight
But it’s too late now
Track Name: Glitter Coffin
Glitter coffin
We’re all gonna die

I’m coughin in my glitter coffin
I don’t mind now if I die
Cause my coffin has glitter all over it
So if I’m gonna look dead
I hope my outsides look pretty

If I’m gonna close my eyes
Just know I didn’t need glitter to shine
But when I
When I finally die
Put me in that glitter coffin
And send me up into the sky

One time I got too high
My mom put me outside
All the animals ate me up
Now my body is sitting inside of a glitter coffin

Glitter coffin
We’re all gonna die

We all die
Track Name: Paper Blanket
Paper Blanket

I feel so alone
And my butt is really cold
I’m really scare
Because i know
You’re gonna put that thing
In my chucho

Paper blanket

Please don’t judge me
For the color of my undies
I’d like to say that it’s a laundry day
But it’s no joke
I’m fuckin broke

Paper blanket

Guess what
I don’t have herpes
So it’s too bad you didn’t fuck me
The only STD I ever had
Is the clap
But now it’s gone
And it ain’t that bad

Paper blanket
My only friend
Track Name: Crummy
I might look crummy
But I clean up nicely

You took me to a party then you
Never called me
And I clean up nicely I
And you don’t wanna kiss me
But I clean up nicely

Took me to a picture show
And I didn’t know how far it’d go
But I clean up nicely

You said you wanted to shower
But I didn’t know it’d take an hour
And I am feeling kinda sour
But I clean up nicely

I might look crummy but I clean up nicely

I wanna meet your daddy
I wanna drive your caddy
But I didn’t know you had it and I
And your ex is real ugly and she
Looks real mean
And awe that’s really cute
And I’m really cute
And we

Said you didn’t wanna go
And you never saw a baby born
And I clean up nicely

Said the only pearl necklace she wore
Was the one you gave her
When you called her a whore but you
Never gave one to me

I might look crummy but I clean up nicely
I want an icee
Track Name: Valley of the Dolls
When I’m walking through the valley of the dolls
My eyes are glazed and I can’t see past the walls
I don’t think I could ever feel at all
My ears are numb and I just feel so small

Walking backwards trying to go forward
Standing alone tripping over my words
All bad things come out at night
I can’t sleep in the dark so leave the light

Colors are burning through my eyes
I can’t breathe I’m so filled up with lies
Take my word for it I’m sorry
I was only given this one body
I’m drowning in this world I’m rotting


My bones are cold and I feel empty inside
I’m all alone I’m getting washed out with the tied
I’ll be gone awhile so tell me if my family cries
I can’t stick around to hear all of their goodbyes
Too late now for me to answer all their “why’s”

Track Name: Whispering Wandering
Whispering wandering
Leaving us wondering

I know it hurts
All the whispers

Whispering wandering
Leaving us wondering